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GODice 2 PRO Dice Board Game

1 usd

GODice 2 PRO — GODlike dice game.If you like dice or board games GODice 2 PRO is for you.Give GODice 2 PRO a try and you will not be disappointed in this awesome dice board game. Buck dice, high dice, fifty, more-less and more dice games are waiting for you to play with friends or artificial intelligence.
NEW DICE GAMES You will not be bored with all new dice games in GODice 2 PRO. The best dice games right from Las-Vegas are available on your smartphone. You can play with your friends or artificial intelligence.
REALISTIC PHYSICSDice behave like a real one. Spinning, hitting each other and table. With awesome graphics you can even forget that it is only the game, and not real dice you throwing around.
AWESOME GRAPHICSJust look at screenshots. Amazing graphics makes it hard to distinguish GODice game from reality. Beautiful glares, realistic reflections and high-quality 3D-models make you deep into game. Be in a shoes of the real player betting millions of dollars in Las-Vegas casinos.
ATMOSPHERIC MUSICClassical jazz creates perfect atmosphere for playing dice games. Become a respectable gentleman playing dice games with noblemen at elite club somewhere outer the city.
DETAILED DICE GAMES RULESGODice 2 PRO got detailed dice games rules. So you can start playing straightaway even if the dice game is new for you._________________________Music used in GODice 2 PRO by:"Covert Affair" Kevin MacLeod ("Groove Grove" Kevin MacLeod ("On The Ground" Kevin MacLeod ( "Shades of Spring" Kevin MacLeod ( "Sweeter Vermouth" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0